Stem Cell Research Papers Are Retracted
By ANDREW POLLACK, nytimes.com
Two sci­en­tif­ic papers that ini­tial­ly elec­tri­fied biol­o­gists by describ­ing an easy way to make stem cells were retract­ed on Wednes­day by the jour­nal that pub­lished them after they were found to be rid­dled with “crit­i­cal errors.”…
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US military wants to make a portable, bullet-resistant wall that fits in a can
By Josh Lowensohn, theverge.com
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, has envi­sioned some pecu­liar and diverse projects over the years, from molten metal-filled mis­siles, all the way to sub­marines that can fly. Then there’s this new project that aims to…

By Dan Whitcomb, reuters.com

(Reuters) - The U.S. gov­ern­ment’s no-fly list ban­ning peo­ple accused of links to ter­ror­ism from com­mer­cial flights vio­lates their con­sti­tu­tion­al rights because it gives them no mean­ing­ful way to con­test that deci­sion, a fed­er­al…

Phytoplankton, Considered the World’s Lungs, Are in Deep Trouble From Climate Change
admin, uprisingradio.org
• Listen to this segment with William Cochlan • Listen to the entire program with Sonali KolhatkarYou may not know it, but you would not be alive today without microscopic ocean creatures called phytoplankton. These organisms produce an…

Rebecca Leber, newrepublic.com

If you are like the typical American, then you think climate change is a real problem, but you’re not clamoring for action. Yes, you’ve heard that the planet is getting warmer—that the sea levels are rising and, somewhere, storms probably getting…

LAPD’s two drones under lock-and-key by feds until rules in place
By Joseph Serna, latimes.com
A pair of drones owned by Los Ange­les police are cur­rent­ly under lock-and-key by fed­er­al author­i­ties until a pol­i­cy is in place for their use, an LAPD offi­cial said Tues­day.The move to hand them over to the Depart­ment of Home­land…